Updating Argus with RealWear Cloud/Foresight

If you have a previous version of Argus installed you can easily update using RealWear Cloud/Foresight. 


  • A Windows PC or Mac
  • A wired or wireless internet connection for your PC
  • Follow the instructions to update Argus using Foresight. If you need additional information you can download a guide here.

Update process

  1. Download the latest Argus APK.
  2. Open Realwear Foresight
  3. Open the App catalog and select Argus.
  4. Click ‘Add New Version’, fill in the form, upload the APK and press save.
  5. Go to Policies and select the Argus installation policy
  6. Click on the Argus app under ‘Apps’.
  7. Change the application to the new version

For further questions contact support@argus-remote.com