Pricing and licences

In this article we’ll cover our prices and how it relates to your devices and users. 


Argus offers a device/periode license model. You pay a fixed amount per device and per month, quarter or year. You can always upgrade your license and devices by contacting our sales department.


The number of users connected to your account can be unlimited. Meaning that multiple users can use the same device. This may be relevant when your device moves across departments or locations.

Our pricing model

We offer a free trial where you can use 1 device for an unlimited amount of time. The trial device is always included with your license for free.

Free trial:  1 device for an unlimited amount of time
Subscription A: €40,- per device per month.
Subscription B: €100,- per device per quarter.
Subscription C: €350,- per device per year.

Purchasing a license

Send an email to with your company’s information and requested license to receive an invoice or if you have a special request. 

For further questions contact