Installing Argus on an Android device

Argus is available for Android devices and can be downloaded via an APK. In this article we’ll cover how to install Argus for Android.

Argus for Android

The Argus Android app allows you to use Argus on a smartphone without the need of an AR headset. It has all the features offered by Argus like high quality video calling and our Call features. 

Download and install Argus

You can install Argus on your Android via an APK

Enable “Unknown resources” on your phone. Depending on your device you can use one of these settings to enable it. 

  • Under settings go to “Applications”, then proceed by selecting “Unknown sources” and enabling it.  
  • Under settings go to “Security”, then proceed by selecting “Unknown sources” and enabling it.
  1. You can download the .APK file directly to your Android Device. The .APK will be shown in the notification bar after the download has been completed.
  2. You can also download the .APK to your PC. Download the file and copy it via USB cable to your phone. You can find the APK on your phone by searching for it with the file browser.
  3. Open the APK and the installation of the Argus will start. 

Smartphone compatibility

Argus uses standardized video connection just like any other video calling service like Skype. This means that most Android devices are compatible. 

Other devices

Do you have other (AR) devices which you would like to use Argus on? We also offer custom solutions to fit your needs. Contact us at

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