Call quality and bandwidth

In this article we’ll cover how to change the video stream quality. Argus is optimized for low bandwidth and high latency conditions. You can set video quality settings during a call using the settings icon on the left side of the screen. 
In this article

In most cases Argus uses VP8 codec compression. The values will vary between the device’s capabilities and the available network conditions. By default Argus is set to automatically determine between these settings, with the following settings per profile:


Audio: up to 50kbps
Video: up to 2500kbps
Resolution: 720p to 1080p
FPS: up to 60fps


Audio: up to 40kbps
Video: up to 1750kbps
Resolution: 460p to 720p
FPS: up to 30fps


Audio: up to 30kbps
Video: up to 500kbps
Resolution: up to 360p
FPS: up to 30fps

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