Add and manage users

When using Argus there are two key components; users and devices. The amount of devices is tied to your license but you can add as many users as you want. This is handy when your device(s) are used acros locations or departments. In this article we'll cover how to add and manage users.

To start installation you need an Argus account. The Argus app has to be installed on your devices in order to add/manage devices on your Argus account. Only administrators can add new users. 

User roles

When you add new users to your account, you have the option to give the new user one of the following roles: 

User. A user can only make calls with Argus and use the features within.
Admin: An admin can do what every user can, but can also add/manage/delete new devices & users.
Blocked: The user will be blocked from using Argus within your organization, unless an admin changes the role.

When an administrator changes the rol of the user, the role will only change for that particular organisation.

Adding a user

As an administrator you can simply add new users using the dashboard. 

  • Select ‘add user’ under the tab ‘users’ on the dashboard.
  • Give your new user a name and a role. Administrator or user. 
  • Enter the user’s email and press ‘save’.
  • Argus will automatically send the user an email. It’s then up to the user to finalize the process.

Finalizing users account

The new user has to create an account on our website if they haven’t already. The new user will be added to the organisation as soon as they log in to their account. 

Manage users

You can manage your users under the tab ‘users’. As an administrator you can edit all the users by selecting the ‘pen’ tool. You can change users’ roles, see when they were last online, block them from using Argus and delete them from the organisation.   

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