Add and manage devices

To add devices you need to register an account which automatically grants you a free trial, allowing you to add 1 device, free of charge. To add/manage devices to your Argus Account/organisation, the Argus app has to be installed on your devices. Only administrators can add and manage devices. In this article we'll cover how to add and manage devices.

Adding devices

  1. Go to ‘devices’ and select ‘add device’.
  2. Open Argus on your device.
  3. Scan the QR Code with your device or enter the pincode by saying letter and then saying the letter you need. For example: Letter A, Letter R, Letter G, Letter U, Letter S. If you do not get either of the options, say ‘open registration’ so the options will reappear.  
  4. Optional: Give your device a name and a location on the website and press ‘save’. 

Managing devices

The device has now been added to your organization. You can view and edit device info like the name, hardware, serial number, battery status and operating system by pressing the ‘pen’ button. If you wish to reattach this device, select the ‘reattach’ button to generate a new device code. Select the ‘trash’ button to remove a device. 

Adding more devices

You can add more devices by upgrading your license. Please contact our sales team at for more information. 

For further questions contact